About us

Our company has been dealing with the technology of heat-cured, fibre-reinforced synthetic resins since 1975 through its legal predecessors and since 1990 under its actual name. Founder and owner: István Bajkai managing director. Average staff: 12 persons. Since 1994 we have been operating in our own premises having an area of 2500 m2. Our principal activities are: product development, manufacturing of models, moulds and prototypes for the processing technologies of various fibre-reinforced, heat-cured synthetic resin products, as well as manufacturing these products in series.

We produce:

  • patterns through traditional manual or mechanized (CNC) processing. Drawings and body-patterns are received by pro/ENGINEER software or prepared by ourselves.
  • moulds
    • to traditional laminating
    • vacuum infusion
      • with rigid core (punch)
      • with elastic foil (without punch)
    • pressure-injection
    • vacuum injection RTM procedures

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we have accumulated several decade-long experiences in the technology and application-technology of reinforced synthetic resins (composites), therefore we are confident that we can help you in resolving your problems.