Quality management - Environment

Quality management

How the Quality Management System is operated at PLASTINFORM Kft.:

Since 11 December 2000, our company has been operating a quality management system in compliance with the standard MSZ EN ISO 9002:1996. The independent certifying organisation TÜV Hannover KTI issued a certificate of audit on 10 May 2001, and in the document no. 08 100 3039 they officially verify the operation in compliance with the standard of our company. On 4 June 2002, this fact was confirmed by the 1st. supervision audit.

With the implementation of the ISO standard, the former internal instructions and professional technologies in our company have been fully integrated into the Quality Management System (hereinafter QMS).

In addition to a comprehensive regulation and making order, the company’s overall operation and manageability became clearly transparent. General responsibilities and commitments of the management are:

  • The implementation of the goals in the policy concerning the quality.
  • Documentation and handling of documents.
  • The employees’ satisfaction that may contribute to keep our human resources.
  • Acquisitions, with yearly approval of the subcontractors.
  • Observance of the standard and the legal requirements.
  • Continuous further education of the personnel based on planned training.
  • Continuous further development of the existing production technologies.
  • Suitable maintenance and development of our stock of instruments.
  • Calibration and authentication of our measuring and testing instruments.
  • Revelation and elimination of possible deficiencies through fair yearly auditing procedures.
  • Customers’ satisfaction beyond the expectable quality level, satisfaction of so-called latent customer requirements.

As a consequence of the implementation of the QMS system at Plastinform Kft. we have successfully realised the self-control in the case of each worker, as against the „coroner revealing wastes” final control method based on the former MEO (quality control) method. In this context, based on traceability and retrievability, all the workers are responsible for the constant, uniform good quality of the product made by them. Naturally, beyond the checking of purchased goods and the inter-process control, also the certification of the superiors’ control and their signature must appear on the work-sheets. Seldom occurring customer observations are immediately dealt with and documented. Justified claims are settled by replacement. Our membership in the ISO-certified companies, the so-called club of the best firms, imposes an obligation on us to ensure good quality during the production process, and not only by the final checking.

Our slogan: Not the goods, but the customer shall return to us!

Environmental protection

Creative and productive work is our everyday activity, however most of the materials used are not natural substances. Storage, handling and use of these materials are executed with strict observance of the regulations concerning the environment protection. Our environment protection strategy has a proactive character; it is a system of voluntary undertakings. Taking advantage of our several decennial experiences, we make continuous efforts to:

  • replace harmful materials, making use of the latest results of research,
  • develop, apply and implement in the industry new, environment-friendly manufacturing processes and technologies.

We belong to the few companies who apply in their everyday operation mainly closed, RTM technology, ensuring this way a significant reduction in the load of our environment. To our customers we suggest always primarily our closed technology, not only because it is precise and productive, but also due to its environment-friendly nature.

The protection of the environment and health, the possibility of maintaining good general quality of life must not be a question of profit. We consider maintainability the satisfaction of actual needs without endangering the future generation to satisfy their own specific needs.